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1.- Do you have a domain and a hosting account?

No, I don't have either
I have a registered domain
I have a domain and a hosting account
I need to transfer my domain, content and e-mails
2.- Which kind of setup and security do you prefer for your website?

Basic setup and no security
Standard setup and app level security
Advanced setup, app and server level security
3.- What do you want for your general layout (header, sidebars, footer ...)?

Out of the box
Template layout configuration
Responsive to the last pixel
4.- How many pages/sections do you want in your website?

5.- Check all that apply to your content:

I need a logo and/or a header picture
I need text and/or pictures
I need SEO content
I want special styles for my content
6.- My site needs to be connected to these social networks:

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Google+ Pinterest Youtube
RSS feed Instagram Tumblr
7.- Which functionality do you want to integrate in your site?

  • Basic:
  • Contact form
  • Sign-up form
  • Framed calendar
  • Framed booking
  • Framed maps
  • Advanced:
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Consoles
  • Online ads
  • Advanced map
  • e-newsletter
  • Professional:
  • Advanced form/app
  • WP/JS Plugin
  • WP/JS plugin mod
  • eCommerce shop
  • Niche social network
8.- Do you want your Geek Friend to maintain and keep your site up?

Yes No