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Web Applications

We make beautiful webapps and provide clear, reliable services at an affordable price

Webapps are the 21st century software programs. Our team will work to ensure that your webapp provides your company’s services and communicates to your target audience through a number of forms — written, visual and functional — and that the webapp’s structure is secure and well maintained. Looking to integrate your webapp with other products or services (e-mailing, booking, e-commerce etc.), we’ll find the best products and give you and easy way to review them.


Free Consultation

Our free consultations will help you determine what products or services are right for you and to define the scope of the project. In the case of webapps, there are many different kinds of webapps with unique elements and features. This conversation will help us determine what you need in order to make your webapps functional, beautiful and affordable.


Strategic counsel – Structuring your web application

After our initial consultation, we will spend an hour discussing your vision and target audience in order to generate the basic structure of your webapp. This will include discussion about style, functionality and affordability and will result in a web map for you to review and a final version of our work plan and contract – our commitment to you.


General Set-Up & Security

One of the first steps to creating a home for your business online is buying a domain and giving it a home (host). If you have an existing domain and host, our web administration team would be happy to utilize it, or if you’d like full service we’ll select a domain name and set up your hosting account. In order to prevent future spam attacks and hackers accessing your webapps, our web techs will install a unique set of security tools to keep your web services safe.


Design & Layout

Based on our strategic discussion, we will select three themes that we think best suite your needs and give you the opportunity to pick which theme you like best. Our webapp admins will work together with you to determine the layout of your webapp and how to make it as user friendly as possible.



Whether its 1000 words or a single picture you’re looking for our highly skilled team can provide you with written content, photographs, videos, illustrations among other creative materials for your webapp. Want to use your existing materials or develop your own? We provide coaching and consulting services that will help you develop the best content you can.


Social Media Connections

Connecting your website to social media ensures that no matter where your clients are that they will be connected. We’ll work with you to create and connect links to the following social media networks on demand: Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest, TikTok.


Search Engine Optimization

Google friendly – Search Engine Optimization (keyword research, SEO-plugin install & post review, keyword content review). Connections to online directories (Yelp, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, etc.).


Webapp back-up

It’s important to back-up your webapp regularly. Our web admins will back up your existing webspp as soon as we start working. We also recommend weekly backups (if you update your webapp frequently) to ensure that you won’t suffer from any data loss or uncanny PR situations in a world full of spammers and hackers.


Final Report & Unique Webapp Guide

We will include a personalized guide with your final report that includes information about your website and how to use it to ensure that our product is sustainable and can be easily adapted for years to come.

Additional Features



Shopping online is one of the most popular ways that people make purchases today. If you’d like to give your customers the opportunity to purchase products from you online, we’re happy to adapt your websites and make it into an e-commerce site, or connect it with existing e-commerce sites like eBay, Shopify and Etsy.


Online booking

Today, one of the easiest ways for clients to book appointments for your small business is online. We have experience working with several online booking agencies and would be happy to find which agency is best for you.