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Protect your digital world with our expert cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity has become a crucial field in today’s digital world in order to protect confidential information, prevent cyber attacks, comply with regulations, maintain trust and reputation, and ensure business continuity. With more and more sensitive information being stored and transmitted online, AGF can help protect your company from being compromised by unauthorized parties.


Framework Compliance

Helping clients become framework (SOC, HIPAA, PCI, you name it) compliant requires a deep understanding of the framework and compliance requirements, as well as expertise in risk management, policy and procedure development, and implementation. AGF can leverage its expertise and experience to provide valuable guidance and support to clients seeking enhanced security.



After our initial consultation, we will spend an hour discussing your vision and target audience in order to generate the basic structure of your webapp. This will include discussion about style, functionality and affordability and will result in a web map for you to review and a final version of our work plan and contract – our commitment to you.


Disaster Recovery

Did we just hear your server crash? Worry not and let us recover your business critical data, applications, and services in case of a failure or catastrophic event. AGF can help you develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the continuity of business operations and minimizing downtime, identifying potential risks, creating backups of critical data, implementing redundancy measures, and regularly testing the plan to ensure its effectiveness. We got you covered!


Computer Forensics

Do you need an expert to find out how one of your endpoints got compromised or how critical data was exfiltrated? We’ll produce forensically sound images of your media, a comprehensive timeline of events and gather all the necessary evidence while preserving the chain of custody. With AGF by your side, you will get to the bottom of the issue in no time.


Final Report & Unique Product Guide

We will include a personalized final report that includes information about how your security posture and how to use it to ensure that our product is sustainable and can be easily adapted for years to come.