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Business Support

Have an idea but not sure if it is a great idea? Our analysts will check that by gathering and analyzing unique — evaluating your idea and identifying opportunities.



We will provide you with well written and designed information that you can easily understand, utilize and share with others. Want it done quickly and for your internal team, we can do that. Need it to look professional for potential investors? Our designers can take care of that too.


Customer Identification & Segmentation

Who are your customers? What are their needs and what drives them to act? Our analysts will create effective overviews of the market and drill down to the detailed behavior of your customers. We will identify new ways to evaluate your existing customers and to create new relationships.


Economic Modeling & Tools

Want a forecast for the future? Our analysts can provide you with economic models that can help you determine which processes will be most profitable and sustainable. We’ll provide you with a readable, sharable overview and tier the data sets so that you can see conservative and liberal estimates of the outcomes.

Know where you’re going & how to get there

Strategic plans help you turn your ideas into successful and sustainable opportunities and practices. We’ve worked with a number of businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs to develop business plans, marketing and communications strategies and strategic plans that have improved the way they work and helped them achieve their goals. Are you next?

Strategic Plans

You know your idea has potential, now you need to realize it. Our strategic plan will help you plan 1 – 10 years, make decisions and determine how to allocate resources. Interested in what clients have to say about our strategic planning? Take a look here.

Business Plans

Business planning provides you with a clear business description, overview of your industry’s environment, your business’ structure, financial forecast and a number of tools you need in order to move forward, forge partnerships and approach  investors. Our business plans are based on the United States’ Small Business Association guide for business plans, outlined below.

Marketing Plans

Now it’s time to communicate and sell. How do you determine what to say, who to say it to and how to say it? Our marketing planning practice will leave you new ideas, answers and a plan for action so that you can effectively connect with your customers and start increasing your stats.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Change Agenda
  • Internal Analysis (SWOT) & External Analysis
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Performance Indicators
  • Financial Projections
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Research
  • Business Organization
  • Products & Services / Sales
  • Financial Forecast
  • Funding Request
  • Appendixes
  • Target Customers
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Pricing and Positioning Strategy
  • Distribution Plan
  • Online Marketing Strategy & Materials
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

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