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Our Services

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Cloud applications:

AGF cloud consulting services will allow your company to enjoy the full power of the cloud, resulting in lower operating costs, maximum scalability, and unmatched performance. Our team develops high-performing, intuitive and secure cloud applications that support business processes and serve users globally. Our diverse portfolio includes market leaders, growing businesses, and emerging startups ranging from retail to media.

Web development:

Our web applications are scalable, highly functional, feature-rich, and digitally transformational. They are also user-friendly, completely functional, and extremely secure. Our clients receive professional web application development and design services from our developers. AGF does it all … from designing specialized e-commerce and intranet experiences with the most recent and reliable web technologies to developing mobile web solutions and responsive designs.

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AGF possesses the expertise to design visually captivating front-end interfaces that are easy to use. They recognize the significance of achieving a harmonious equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality, guaranteeing that the user experience (UX) is consistently exceptional. AGF’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the arrangement and color palette to the navigation and responsiveness.


The branding materials provided by AGF can make a considerable difference to your organization’s prosperity. Our robust branding approach facilitates the creation of a definitive and consistent message, fostering a formidable reputation for your enterprise and earning the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders. By prioritizing the cultivation of a powerful and unique brand, your business can set itself apart from rivals, enhance its visibility and outreach, and ultimately realize its commercial objectives.

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Cloud infrastructure design:

AGF possesses the proficiency to assist your company in determining the most suitable cloud provider and deployment model for your business needs, whether it be public or private cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud. We’ll provide a precise architecture that incorporates all necessary security configurations, maximizes network bandwidth and storage, and scales resources appropriately, enabling your company to allocate the appropriate resources to its products while keeping costs in check.


AGF is committed to bolstering your DevOps infrastructure and ensuring its security, going above and beyond to achieve that goal.We assist businesses in improving operations by moving away from manual processes towards automated, team-based, and agile methods of working. Our 360 + 1 approach will guide your organization from beginning to end, ensuring a smooth transition. AGF will go the extra mile to harden your DevOps infrastructure and make it secure.

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Threat modelling, compliance and penetration testing:

A Geek Friend LLC can assist your business in developing a threat model and comprehending the security surface and hazards that could potentially impact or disrupt daily operations. We can also help you compose and implement a policy framework that is tailored to your business requirements and ensure that you have access to all pertinent metrics in a single report or dashboard. Lastly, we can test your IT infrastructure, identifying and addressing any remaining gaps in your defenses.

Disaster recovery and forensics:

In the event of a compromise in your organization, there may be times when you require assistance. AGF can aid you in recovering, reconstructing, and relaunching your services following an incident, while also examining how your systems were breached, including the initial access, network pivoting, and privilege escalation, and documenting and preserving any digital evidence uncovered.

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Managed IT services:

A Geek Friend LLC can assist you in outsourcing and overseeing your IT infrastructure, allowing your teams to concentrate on their core competencies, while providing your business with an on-demand, skilled team of IT specialists to rely on when issues arise. By outsourcing your IT department, you can easily access all the expertise required to support your business and prevent any IT problems from impeding your operations.

Hardware repairs and data recovery:

AGF possesses the expertise to repair your devices and restore them to full functionality, whether it entails replacing defective components, conducting electronic repairs, or constructing desktops and servers. Additionally, we have the necessary tools and knowledge to recover critical and personal data from malfunctioning hard drives and other media, and we can assist you in setting up in-house and cloud backup systems to ensure data loss becomes a thing of the past.

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Business and marketing plans:

By understanding your business’ objectives, target audience, and market dynamics, our expert team can create a clear, concise, and effective plan that serves as a roadmap to success. Our customized plans include key performance indicators, marketing strategies, financial plans, and operational procedures that can be adjusted to meet changing market conditions. Trust us to help you achieve your business goals and take your company to new heights!

Data Analysis:

Our team of expert analysts can help your business thrive by unlocking the power of your data. Through careful analysis, we can identify key insights and transform them into actionable strategies that drive growth and success. With our data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and optimize your business for maximum profitability. Let us help you harness the full potential of your data and take your business to the next level.