Hair and Art

A busy Seattle based hair salon, EVOLVE’s owner was ready to mature her business when we
started working together. She knew that due to construction, she would need to move her salon
in the next three years. She also had a continuing demand to expand from her clients and
wanted to take her business to the next level.

In preparation for EVOLVE’s transition, Geek Friend supported her in the development of a five
year strategic plan and with market research that helped her decide where to she should invest
her time and money. We also redesigned some of her branding materials, shot new photographs
of the salon and products, and redesigning her website and social media presence.

In order to raise the capital necessary to move and expand her business, we supported her in
developing a business plan for EVOLVE’s second phase of development and seeking financial
backing. As a result of our work, she was able to identify an interim step to expand her business
that enabled her to double the income her salon was generating.

Geek Friend helped her with this expansion by developing a transition plan which included
developing an internal structure for new employees, facilitating a hiring process and supporting
existing staff with the salon’s transition.

On an ongoing basis we maintain EVOLVE’s web presence and facilitate quarterly evaluation
and goal setting sessions with EVOLVE’s staff.