Welcome to the World! Now, Who Are You?

bang comic explosionA Geek Friend of Mine is a full service communications company, a team of organized and creative helping hands. We provide affordable, flexible communications services to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations with budgets big and small.

Why does Geek Friend exist? Our story — an answer to such existential questions

We believe that small businesses are essential for a healthy society. Yet running a small business is no small task. Small business owners are some of the busiest people we know. To make small business owners lives easier, and our world a better place, we are offering our helping hands!

Who are you?

Creative, interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial project managers and administrative assistants

We are interdisciplinary. We are known for being “Jacks and Jane of All Trades,” uniquely reliable, self-aware, creative and entrepreneurial professionals. We are multi-cultural and multi-lingual.  We have ten years of experience in communications and web administration —  managing programs and projects and producing strategic and persuasive tools locally (in Seattle) and globally (Europe and the Middle East). Our leadership has distinct and complimentary skill sets — one hails from the arts, anthropology and politics, while the other hails from the world of mathematics and sciences. We are a case of left brain meets right brain, or more literally left-handed man meets right-handed woman.

Who Do You Work With?

Prior to establishing Geek Friend, our employers and clients were governmental and non-profit organizations, community leaders and business visionaries dedicated to creating a better world for themselves and others. Today, we work with a range of individuals and business owners –doctors, hairstylists, and coaches to name a few.

How Do You Work?

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, honest service. We are always looking for the best way we can support each client. To do this, we work on a project basis (websites, business plans, infographics) and an hourly basis (marketing, graphics and administration assistance). Would you like to know more? Check our our products and services pages for more information.

What Next?

If you’re interested in working together, we’d love to talk to you! We provide free 30 minute consultations for potential clients. Feel free to give us a call! We’re open Monday – Saturday (10 AM – 7 PM) PST.

We also have a special referral program for the month of January to celebrate our launch. If you’re a family or friend (or refer someone who is) we will give them 15% off their first purchase with us!

Give us a call: (360) 830 – 8952